Why Home Builders Favor Quartz Countertops for Their Projects?

custom quartz kitchen countertops

Granite used to be all the rage for kitchen countertops a few years ago. Now it’s quickly being overtaken by quartz.

Cheap quartz countertops are a huge trend among homeowners and home builders because of a number of reasons.

Cost-effectiveness, durability, and abundance of design choices are some of the main reasons why quartz is such an excellent option for kitchen countertops.


Benefits of Using Quartz Countertops


Quartz kitchen countertops offer plenty of benefits to both home owners and home builders. Here are some of the main reasons why quartz countertops are ideal for your next building project:



While granite and marble are solid stone, quartz is engineered. Quartz countertops are made up of 93 percent quartz while the remaining 7 percent comprises of binder and color.

To develop the countertop material, they grind the quartz into small particles. it is then mixed with binder made of polyester resin so the material holds together.

As a result, the solid slab produced in the end is extremely strong and durable. So by using best quartz countertops, home builders can ensure that their work is long-lasting and of high quality.



During the mixing process of quartz countertops, they also add pigment so the countertop has a rich color. They then add reflective metallic flakes or small glass particles to give it a unique design. This decorative process gives quartz kitchen countertops an aesthetic appeal similar to that of marble.

Choice of Finishing

While quartz countertops usually have a sleek and polished finish, there are far more options for home builders and homeowners alike.

You can choose to get a matte finish to mimic the look of limestone minus its vulnerability to stains and acidic substances.

You can also get it with a textured finish if you’re looking to recreate a specific design. So there are tons of finishing options that can help you achieve the perfect look for a kitchen countertop.


Ease of Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, quartz is engineered stone. This means that it isn’t porous, so it can resist stains and won’t absorb the fluids from food preparation.

So it’s much more simpler to keep quartz countertops clean and ensure that they retain their original look for years to come.

These are some of the biggest reasons why quartz countertops are such a home builder’s favorite. Due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, it enables them to provide home owners with the highest quality of work. This, in turn, improves their reputation and builds loyal customers in the long run.