The advantages of quartz countertops

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Nowadays, More and more people choose quartz stone countertop as it’s made of quartz stone and other resins that are friendly to our health, not only can be customized many different colors, but also has the good looking marble veins, looks like natural marbles, at the same time, it’s a little bit cheaper.

Quartz countertops have the following advantages comparing with other natural stone countertops.

  1. Not easy to scratch, as it has the hardness of 6-7.5 Mohs, very unlikely to be scratched during daily use.
  2. Wide color range and can be customized a lot of veins, looks like Marbles, granite and other natural stones.
  3. Stain resistant.  After complex surface treatments, the quartz countertop surface is very tight, and without holes, water can not be absorbed. Most stuff used in the kitchen can not penetrate the quartz countertops, such as oil, butter, tea, fruit juice, coffee, acid and alkaline substances.
  4. No radiation, environmental friendly.  quartz stone is a natural mineral crystallization, is one of the world’s most abundant inorganic materials, the SiO2 content reached more than 99.9%, exploitation, use, processing will not cause adverse effects on the human body and the environment. So food contact and human touch will not cause any negative effect.

These are the basic advantages comparing with others, should you need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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