Why choose engineered quartz stone?

quartz slab applications

Nowadays, we have a lot of options of decoration materials in modern designs, marbles, granites, basalt, ceramic, artificial marble, engineered quartz stone etc. but why quartz stone is becoming more and more popular? it has several advantages:

  1. it is a non-porous material , it’s stain, heat and scratch resistant during use,
  2. it’s maintenance-free material, it’s easy to clean with water and soap.
  3. it has wide applications and  It can be used in making quartz tiles, quartz kitchen countertops, shower stalls, bathroom vanity tops, quartz kitchen worktops, sink tops, interior wall cladding, steps, flooring and furniture.
  4. It has a very wide range of colors and patterns, also can be customized.
  5. It’s environmental friendly
  6. Prices are acceptable

artificail marble quartz gsm110

GS Quartz stone uses 93% naturally sourced quartz, together with high-quality polymer resins, additives and exotic-colored pigments, and processed using cutting-edge procedures and techniques- this allows for the production of a wide range of colors, promotes long-lasting shine, and creates an extremely durable and impenetrable, porous-free surface.

We believe that’s why we choose engineered quartz stone.