Quartz countertop colors and patterns for kitchens

quartz coutertop colors and patterns

For many years now, the countertop has been an integral part of kitchen décor.

Therefore we have seen homeowners going from one style to another seeking the perfect color and design for their kitchens.

Thanks to the huge variety of cheap quartz countertops that exist today, homeowners are sure of an almost limitless choice of colors, styles, and sizes, which they can choose from.

From how it is engineered, quartz offers a high level of stain, heat resistance, and guarantees an amazing level of durability.

Here are five best quartz countertops colors and patterns for kitchens.

1#. Flecked or Softly Veined White

White or off-white quartz material with grain to give it a subtle natural richness has risen in popularity among homeowners who want to remodel their homes.

This sparkling, snowy look adapts well to various situations because it is fresh, neutral and contemporary.

The pale tone brings some sense of lightness and cleanness to a cooking space with a twist of subtle sophistication.

Flecked or Softly Veined White is a better selection for a minimalist white countertop, which can clash with other elements such as lantern pendant lights, shaker cabinets, and knotty woods.

This option is the best when you have a transitional or traditional interior and when you want to make the space look bigger.

2#. Dark or Black

Dark-colored quartz counters can appear gothic in some instances and incredibly harmonious in others. If you have dark cabinets, floor or other sections of your kitchen, a dark quartz countertop will fit in.

However, if you will go for the dark palette, you must ensure that you have enough light, whether natural or added.

This helps in ensuring that the space feels cozy and highly sophisticated. You can use a tinted mirror-backsplash to open up the space and make it more visible.

A dark quartz counter echoes the moody, deep surface for an amazing level of compliment. Dark or black is a superb choice if you already have colorful cabinets or have dark cabinets and you want your counters to blend well with them.

3#. Midtone or Gray

Soft gray countertop and other shades such as rich creams and beige are among the most neutral choices that are available in the market.

With creamy off white cabinets and some yellow golden undertones in the wood or backsplash, the creamy counters help add to a harmonious and peaceful look.

Quartz stones that are softly flecked have looks that resemble concrete and works superbly well in contemporary kitchens with a little architectural bent.

It is perfect if you do not have enough time to organize your cooking space since it hides the occasional spot.

If you have white and black scheme or espresso-woods that have white walls and you want to soften the entire look a little, a mid-tone quartz counter bridges the extremely dark or light elements, so they can meet in the middle.

Midtone or gray is the best choice for homeowners who want a friendly, soft vibe with harmonious muted tones.

you have eye-catching cabinetry or several tones of cabinetry mixed or have a white and white scheme that you can use somehow for softening.

4#. Pure White

Pure white quartz countertop brings minimalist and contemporary effect that other natural stones seldom match.

Luckily, this color style resists stain perfectly well and can remain crisp white for years with minimal maintenance.

The stark look that pure white offers works incredibly well in all contemporary spaces. It is best for modern space.

Especially a small space with white minimalist cabinets which gives an illusion of availability of space.

5#. Calacatta

The Calacatta staple is among the most popular quartz in the market today, thanks to its endless color options. such as:

  • Silestone Bianco Calacatta,
  • Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo,
  • Compac Unique Calacatta
  • Silestone Classic Calacatta

They are among the choices that offer different colors for different surfaces.

From classic grey colors to impeccable looks of Tuscany,

Calacatta is among the best choices for homeowners who want to have amazing looking kitchens and bathrooms.


Quartz is the best alternative to granite and offers an unmatched level of beauty, durability, and elegance.

Fortunately, there is a long list of quartz countertops colors and patterns that homeowners and builders can choose from.

Whether you want to build a functional and awe-inspiring traditional or modern kitchen, there is a range of quartz countertops colors and styles to choose from.