How to select right quartz countertops?

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Quartz stone countertops are getting more more popular nowadays. with the development of the production technology, the quality of the the quartz countertops is now better than ever, its product feels like nature stone, it’s very hard for a common people to distinguish the difference between the marble and quartz surface.

How to select the right quartz countertops for your kitchen as there are many kinds of choices available?

Firstly we suggest that you should consult your home decoration designer for some advices of the colors or veins that are suitable for your home design.

Secondly, when you have the color and veins in mind, the next step is pick the right one from among the tens of thousands of the quartz countertops, check carefully if the surface is even or not, try to put some drops of liquids like water or oil to test if the quartz countertops surface is porous or nonporous. and try to scratch the surface by a sharpen end to see if there are some scratches left.

Above are the simple steps for you the choose the right quartz countertops, hope they will be helpful,
But if you have any more questions, you can also contact us either on email or by phone.