How to clean your quartz kitchen countertops?

quartz kitchen countertops GS1113

Quartz countertops had become the first option of the kitchens, it has may advantages like we had discussed before such as stain resistant, scratch resistant, non-porous and needing less care.

But it unavoidably needs cleaning after use in our daily life, the method of how to clean the quartz kitchen countertops is also very critical if you want it looks shinny like brand new.

Steps of how to clean a quartz countertop:

  1. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the liquid drops such as water, red wine, oil spills as soon as possible, then use a dry cloth to clean the countertop surfaces again
  2. If some dirts are not easy to clean, try to use a friendly detergent which is not bleachable and abrasive.
  3. For dry or heavy stains, try using a glass cleaner, spray it on the surfaces and left for 10 to 15 minutes, then use a damp cloth to clean it.
  4. For paint, gum or grease, use a plastic knife to scratch them gently, then repeat above steps.


General speaking, quartz kitchen countertops needs less care and maintenance on our daily life, but we should also be careful not to damage the surfaces with the following notices:

  1. Avoid quick change on the surface, like putting a hot pot or pan directly on the countertops, do make sure to put a trivet or silicone pot mat underneath hot pot or pan.
  2. Knives and sharp tools must NOT to be used directly on the quartz countertops surfaces, as they are not scratch-proof, a forcefully cut or hit on the surfaces may chip or damage the countertops, DO make sure to place a cutting board on the countertop surface when chopping or cutting foods.

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